Quote of Conduct is an invitation to define what you believe in.
A deceptively simple call to action.
To stand for something and be counted.
And through this single act, to participate in one of the most
powerful actions an individual can take to change the world.

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Persist: A Journal with Quotes From Women Who Persisted

Persist is a lined writing journal whose 162 pages include quotes from women who have persisted and prevailed. Intended to be both inspirational and educational, the 81 women featured in Persist, beginning with Joan of Arc and ending with Malala Yousafzai, were selected to remind us of what is truly important.

The women of Persist, both famous and infamous alike, from Elizabeth Warren, Oprah and Rosa Parks to Grace Hopper, Helen Thomas and Calamity Jane speak to us from a unique historical perspective. Their combined words create a living wisdom.